The information below is required by the U.S. Higher Education Act for all institutions participating in federally-funded financial aid programs. This page provides a central location of resources for current and prospective students, families, employees, and the public.

For additional information about Huntingdon College, please see the College Navigator website maintained by the U.S. Department of Education where you can compare Huntingdon to over 7,000 higher learning institutions across the United States.

This information is collectively reviewed and updated by the Office of Institutional Research with the goal of accurately representing information about Huntingdon College. Please contact the Office of Institutional Research with any questions or requests for further information or to request a paper copy.

General Institution Information

Academic Calendar
Huntingdon College Campus Tour
Huntingdon on College Navigator
Biennial Report of Alcohol and Other Drug Programs (Updates Pending)
Campus Maps
Contacts for Additional Information Dissemination (Updates Pending)
Full-Time Enrollment and Diversity
Misrepresentation (Updates Pending)
Notice of Privacy Practices (Updates Pending)
Information Security Policy (pdf)
Physical Facilities Report (Updates Pending)
Statement of Non-Discrimination
Strategic Plan
Student Right to Know Information

Huntingdon College Academics

Academic Dishonesty Procedures
Core Curriculum
Credit Hour Policy and Course Numbering System (Updates Pending)
Faculty Profile (Updates Pending)
Grade Appeal Policy
Majors and Minors (Corresponding CIP Codes)
Online Courses (Updates Pending)
Required Internships (Updates Pending)
Teacher Preparation Program Reports (Updates Pending)
Huntingdon College Catalog
College’s Honors Program

Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institution and Programs  

Professional License or Certification Disclosure
State, Regional and National Accreditation and Memberships

Admissions Information

Huntingdon College Traditional Day General Admissions Requirements
Huntingdon College MAT General Admissions Requirements
Huntingdon College Traditional Day Transfer Admissions
Transfer of Credit Policies

Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Cost and Financial Aid Information

Huntingdon College Cost of Attendance -Traditional Day Program
Huntingdon College Cost of Attendance – Graduate Program
Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Financial Information
Entrance and Exit Loan Counseling
Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Violations
Institutional Code of Conduct for Education Loans
Net Price Calculator
Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information – Traditional Day Program
Refund Policy -Traditional Day Program
Refund Policy – Graduate Program
Types of Aid -Traditional Day Program
Types of Aid – Graduate Program
Withdrawal Policy and Return of Financial Aid
Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Resources

Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Enforcement
Huntingdon College Alert Emergency Communications System
Crime & Emergency Reporting Procedures
Housing Community Standards
Individuals with Disabilities Policy
Identity Protection Online (Updates Pending)
Privacy of Student Records – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Huntingdon College Student Electronic Account and Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy (pdf)
Severe Weather Safe Areas

Student Activities

Student Involvement and Leadership
Student Recreation
Textbook Information – Traditional Day Program
Vaccinations and Immunization Form

Student Services

Career Development
Campus Security

Crime Statistics

Fire Safety Report
Missing Person Notification
Counseling Center
Emergency Response
Facilities and Services for Student with Disabilities
Health Services
Learning Center/Instructional Support (Tutoring Services)
Voter Registration
Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Student Outcomes

Graduation Survey/Job Placement/ Professional Education Placement
Retention and Graduation Rates
Student Achievement Outcomes


Huntingdon Athletics
Athletics Handbook
Equity in Athletics

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