Dear Hawks,

The Office of Student Development staff offices are located in Miram Jackson Home.

The Office for Student Development encompasses the programs of Counseling Services, Campus Ministries, Community Service, Campus Recreation, Student Activities, Greek Life, and Residence Life. These programs are designed to help develop oneself outside of the classroom. We offer a wide array of opportunities through clubs, organizations, activities, service opportunities, and leadership positions. Our student services are free to use (Campus Ministries and Counseling) and exist so that you can have a better experience during your time here.

We hope you can take advantage of these services and opportunities by getting involved!

Welcome home, and Hawk ’em!

Student Development Staff

Student Development Mission, Vision, and Learning Outcomes


The Office of Student Development at Huntingdon College is committed to the holistic development of the Hawk Community by promoting collegiate engagement through fostering Faith, Wisdom and Service.


The Office of Student Development at Huntingdon College strives to build lasting relationships among its diverse community by cultivating spiritual growth, knowledge and stewardship.

Learning Outcomes

  • Support and challenge student’s spiritual life and journey.
  • Prepare individuals for success in all their endeavors.
  • Reveal a passion for civic engagement.

Student Development Staff

The Office of Student Development staff includes:

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