Enter to Grow in Wisdom

This is education for the real world. Critical thinking. Involved learning. Creative problem-solving.

From your first year forward, you will be challenged to think beyond comfortable boundaries, to explore new ways of knowing, and to learn what you are called to do with your life. A broad liberal arts core curriculum introduces you to subjects you have never thought about and careers you have never considered.

Take your education into your own hands through involved learning opportunities, such as internships, student-faculty research, service, independent study, academic clubs. and honor societies. You will graduate with a resume filled with experiences gained both inside and outside the classroom.

See Accreditation and Memberships for information about Huntingdon’s accreditation and academic affiliations.

Academic Affairs

Senior Administrators

Graduate Program

Undergraduate Academic Departments

Academic Services

Houghton Memorial Library

Thomas and Emma Staton Center for Academic Enrichment

Joyce and Truman Hobbs Honors Program

Presidential Scholars Program

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